29 Haussmann Actions Europe

29 Haussmann Actions Europe was launched in 2001 and its strategy was adjusted in 2021. The fund aims to capture the upside potential of eurozone equities over a medium/long-term horizon, while maximising returns via an innovative options strategy.

Key points

An innovative approach combining regular returns from dividends and option premiums, with less volatility than the MSCI Europe.

  • 29 Haussmann Actions Europe aims to outperform the MSCI Europe Net Return over the medium to long term by predominantly investing in eurozone equities.
  • Returns from dividends are supplemented with an options strategy, the main goal of which is to reduce the fund’s volatility while maximising dividend extraction. The portfolio managers use call options on portfolio securities. The idea behind the strategy is to generate regular returns from option premiums.
  • The fund’s objective is to build a diversified portfolio consisting of 50 investment lines on average. Portfolio companies are selected by the portfolio management team for their value creation potential and ability to perform in the current environment.
  • Maximum exposure is limited to 5% per investment line.
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