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Foster the emergence of a greener, more sustainable economy by investing in equities issued by European companies committed to the environmental transition.

Key points

The environmental transition has become a key issue in the economic model of our society and is the source of multiple innovations. For companies to truly find their purpose in the field of sustainability, they must start by adopting the consumer’s perspective. Today, consumers are major contributors to the environmental transition in their own right.

  • A portfolio comprised of European companies committed to the environmental transition and generating long-term structural growth.
  • A selection of stocks focused on 6 categories: sustainable waste and water management, sustainable farming, energy efficient buildings, industrial energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean transport.
  • A portfolio management team specialising in environmental issues since 2007, relying on an ESG research team made up of over 10 analysts.
5 years
Minimum recommended investment period
6 /7
Risk/return profile

Portfolio management process


Thematic Universe (300 values)

Fundamental analysis (100 values)

Portfolio construction (40-60 values)

  • Eco-activities = Products or services related to the environment 

  • Internal approval by Mirova’s ESG Research team 

  • ESG qualitative analysis 

  • Structural growth 

  • Competitive advantage 

  • Preference for exposure to breakthrough innovations 

  • Business model 

  • Management 

  • Financial strength 

  • Upside potential



Investment decisions integrating a responsible and sustainable approach through solutions aimed at fostering the environmental transition. To that end, stock picking is based on both financial and non-financial analysis criteria, incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) aspects. The mutual fund has sustainable investment as its objective, within the meaning of Article 9 of the SFDR.


Fund category Equities
Risk level 6
ISIN code FR0050000449
Eligible subscribers All subscribers
Currency EUR
NAV frequency Daily
Initial NAV 100 EUR
NAV date 2022/06/30
NAV 87,86



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