SG Mirova Actions Monde Climat

Invest in international companies committed to fighting climate change.

Key points

Combating climate change is a top priority for the benefit of future generations. As committed investors, we stand by global economic players working towards a sustainable transition and energy conservation. SG Mirova Actions Monde Climat was designed and built with that goal in mind.

  • A fund designed for investors keen on meeting environmental challenges.
  • A strategy targeting “low carbon” projects by investing in international corporations.
  • A goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by calculating the portfolio’s carbon footprint and thus measuring the actual CO2 emissions generated and avoided.
  • A portfolio management team made up of experts, combining a quantitative and fundamental approach.
Minimum recommended investment period
Risk/return profile

Portfolio management process

Investment decisions integrating a responsible and sustainable approach through solutions aimed at fostering the environmental transition. To that end, stock picking is based on both financial and non-financial analysis criteria, incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) aspects. The mutual fund has sustainable investment as its objective, within the meaning of Article 9 of the SFDR.




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