29 Haussmann Multi-Managers PEA-PME

Fund the real economy with the aim of generating long-term returns

Key points

Investing in European small/mid-caps qualifying for PEA (personal equity plan) and PEA PME (SME-oriented personal equity plan) programmes.

  • A strategy implemented by an experienced team that draws on the expertise of the Private Banking division’s open-architecture stock-picking teams
  • A fund giving our clients the opportunity to fund the real economy by supporting small and mid-cap companies.
  • A diversified fund with a performance target over a minimum 5-year investment horizon.

5 years
Minimum recommended investment period
6 /7
Risk/return profile
Life Insurance, Ordinary Securities, PEA

Portfolio management process


Phase 1

Investment universe

The funds are selected by the private bank's fund selection experts through various analysis criteria. Construction of a short list of around 15 active funds based on specific criteria

Phase 2

Portfolio construction

Portfolio construction around a selection of PEA PME funds (actively managed funds and ETFs). Selection of PEA PME underlying assets from the investment universe determined according to criteria offinancial performance. Risk monitoring (diversification, investor ownership ratio in the fund, liquidity, etc.)

Phase 3

Tracking and management of positions

Monitoring of positions and performance; Quarterly rebalancing of the allocation between funds; Regular review of the list of eligible underlyings in collaboration with theprivate bank's fund selection team; Meeting with external asset managers.




Fund category Fund of funds
Risk level 6
ISIN code FR0013451234 FR00140018K2
Parts C F
Eligible subscribers All subscribers Reserved for the SG FCPE (employee share ownership plan)
Currency EUR
NAV frequency Daily
Initial NAV 100 EUR
NAV date 2022/09/21 2022/09/21
NAV 979,92 783,38



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Annual report (FR)


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