Discretionary portfolio management


Would you prefer to call on an expert to manage your portfolio? Someone capable of managing your investments in your best interests?

Delegating the management of your financial assets to SG 29 Haussmann means working with a privileged partner over the long term, with the development of investment solutions tailored to your wealth management strategy and objectives.

Our asset management services carry the seal of SGBP France: expertise, professionalism and team spirit. This is the foundation on which we offer to manage your financial wealth. Through this approach, we aim to grow your financial wealth over the long term for your peace of mind.

SG 29 Haussmann manages mandates delegated by Societe Generale Private Banking France.

Overview of our offers

Whatever your project, SG 29 Haussmann will help you create innovative investments reconciling performance and meaning. SG 29 Haussmann offers three discretionary portfolio management options to dynamically build your savings in accordance with your expectations.

29 Haussmann Signature ISR

SRI-certified portfolio management mandate

29 Haussmann Signature ISR: the first discretionary portfolio management mandate investing in SRI funds for a financial and responsible choice. Signature ISR aims to meet today’s sustainable investment challenges through a conviction-based selection of internal, open-architecture SRI funds with our preferred partners. 

29 Haussmann Avenir

The best of both worlds

29 Haussmann Avenir: a combination of the best offered by active and passive management approaches, under a discretionary portfolio management mandate. Strong engagement combining ETFs with a broad investment universe (equities, bonds, etc.).

29 Haussmann Avenir Sélection

Active selection of European equities

29 Haussmann Avenir Sélection: discretionary portfolio management offers the best of active and passive management, while benefiting from active selection of European equities. 


A tailor-made solution that meets your specific needs

You have access to dedicated solutions as well as innovative strategies.

With bespoke portfolio management, you enjoy regular communication with your dedicated portfolio manager.

Why put your trust in us?

We are a major French asset manager for the Private Banking industry offering the benefits of our expertise since 2006.

An experienced team consisting of more than 3 portfolio managers.

Unlimited access to the Discretionary Portfolio Management website and to the various resources and reports associated with the offer

Discretionary portfolio management mandates tailored to your objectives, in line with your risk appetite.

Diversified portfolios stemming from the best of SG 29 Haussmann’s open-architecture internal portfolio management.

All-in pricing for all our offers