29 Haussmann Signature ISR


An SRI-certified discretionary portfolio management solution designed to add a new dimension to your investments

SG 29 Haussmann offers clients concerned with the environmental impact of their investments their first discretionary portfolio management mandate investing in SRIcertified funds. 29 Haussmann Signature ISR provides access to the portfolio management know-how of SG 29 Haussmann and the expertise of its preferred partners in an open-architecture setting.

Investment decisions incorporate financial as well as non-financial criteria. The integration of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria in the stock picking process is aimed at assessing each company’s ability to transform sustainable development issues into performance drivers. The mutual fund promotes environmental or social characteristics, or a combination of those characteristics, within the meaning of Article 8 of the SFDR.

Why choose 29 Haussmann Signature ISR?

The first SRI-certified mandate in the financial centre

Three risk profiles, adjustable to your needs and risk appetite

Unlimited access to the Discretionary Portfolio Management website and to the various resources and reports associated with the offer

A discretionary portfolio management mandate available from €250,000 in AuM

29 Haussmann Signature ISR takes advantage of the potentialities offered by our openarchitecture internal portfolio management.

All-in pricing


29 Haussmann Signature ISR centres its portfolio management around open-architecture SRI funds distributed by Societe Generale Group, in conjunction with our preferred partners.

The investment universe comprises more than 22 SRI funds that give meaning to your investments.

Respect for the environment, expertise and efficiency describe the 29 Haussmann Signature ISR offer in a nutshell.

  • Certification is granted to portfolio management approaches that meet the necessary requirements.
  • At least 90% of the mandate is invested in SRI-certified funds: the “Label ISR’ certification guarantees that the funds rely on solid SRI methodologies, are subject to strict transparency requirements, and disclose metrics on their ESG impact and human rights.
  • Asset managers must be able to provide proof that they apply a rigorous ESG analysis method and can assess the environmental impact of their investments.
  • The certification is granted, and subsequent controls performed, by three external audit companies certified by Cofrac (French Accreditation Committee): Afnor Certification, EY France and Deloitte.

Three risk profiles to meet your risk/return expectations as closely as possible

The portfolio may be exposed to Equities, within the limits of the established ranges.

  • Defensive profile [0-40%]
  • Balanced profile [30-70%]
  • Aggressive profile [60-100%]