About us

Our identity


Authorised by the AMF in 2006 and a subsidiary of Societe Generale Group, SG 29 Haussmann is the portfolio management company dedicated predominantly to the private banking clients of Societe Generale Private Banking France. We are:

  • A local asset manager for our clients, drawing on the expertise of Societe Generale Group,
  • A good corporate citizen, incorporating sustainable development criteria in our investments.

The 29 Haussmann fund range gives you access to our fundamental portfolio management expertise in equities, bonds and multi-asset classes.

Our history

  • SG 29 Haussmann launches France's first SRI-labelled discretionary portfolio management                                                 1


  • SRI certification (“Label ISR”) (1) obtained for 3 new funds: 

    • 29 Haussmann Euro Rendement
    • 29 Haussmann Sélection Monde
    • 29 Haussmann Equilibre

    (1) The “Label ISR” is the SRI certification issued by the French State, providing reference points for investors interested in investing responsibly, with the assurance that the products offered to them meet a strict set of specifications. This certification was launched by the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance in August 2016. For more information on the SRI certification granted by the French State, go to www.lelabelisr.fr.

  • SG 29 Haussmann becomes a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI (2))

    (2) The UN PRI are the world’s most extensive international initiative addressing responsible investment. Their goal is to promote the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in investment and shareholder decisions.

  • SRI certification obtained for 29 Haussmann Sélection Europe

  • Societe Generale Group ESG policy of exclusion applied to portfolio management strategies

  • SG 29 Haussmann is established

Our values

SG 29 Haussmann is fully dedicated to its clients and consistently bases its portfolio management approach on its core values.

#1 A unique model

€8 billion
in assets under management at end-2020

Societe Generale Private Banking has dedicated its asset management subsidiary SG 29 Haussmann to its client base, including private banking clients, non-profits and foundations.

The team is just the right size — not too big and not too small — and is made up of experienced portfolio managers.

Based at a prestigious address, nestled in the heart of the French capital, its buildings are classified as historical monuments.

#2 A wealth management approach

Our approach focuses on the resilience of assets selected in our allocation decisions.

Valéry NKAKE
Head of Investments, SG 29 Haussmann

Your goal is to see your financial assets managed from a long-term perspective. Our investment philosophy aims to protect your capital and build your wealth.

Our investment strategy is set over the long term, with bespoke solutions aligned with your investment knowledge and experience, financial situation, investment objectives and investor profile. By continuously working to diversify your assets, we position your investments to capture market rallies while seeking to offset downside movements.

#3 Conviction-based portfolio management

As our client, you benefit from portfolio management rooted in strong convictions, based on an extensive analysis of the macroeconomic environment and the financial markets.

Our investment and stock-picking process is based on an examination of company fundamentals.

Our portfolio managers are proficient in forging long-term convictions.

Our investment decisions are informed by our regular meetings with the management teams of portfolio companies.

A well-diversified, flexibly managed equity portfolio is capable of outperforming over the long term with lower volatility.

Senior Portfolio Manager, SG 29 Haussmann


dedicated funds created for our clients
20 mutual funds
A diversified range

#4 A responsible investment approach

As we see it, investments can be meaningful as well as profitable by incorporating sustainable development criteria.

Guillaume de MARTEL
Executive Chairman, SG 29 Haussmann

Our investment universe exclude issuers that fail to comply with international ethical standards (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Labour Law, etc.) and are involved in controversial activities such as thermal coal, controversial weapons, tobacco, etc.

We work closely with you to give meaning to your investments through a portfolio management offer that employs environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

We include ESG criteria in our voting policy at General Meetings held by portfolio companies.


#5 Personalised support, guaranteed

We provide personalised assistance in the choice of your portfolio management services.

Embedded in the private banking network, our asset management company develops close relations with its clients. We regularly monitor your assets and offer frequent contact with our portfolio management teams, in addition to your regular contact with your private banking advisor. Our asset management company relies on a global network of financial analysts, while also benefiting from our local expertise. We boast extensive regional coverage through the Societe Generale Private Banking business centres.

Our areas of expertise

Collective asset management

We designed the 29 Haussmann fund range to give you access to our fundamental portfolio management expertise in equities, bonds and multi-asset classes.

The range comprises around twenty funds, with total assets under management of approximately €3 billion at end-2020.

Discretionary asset management

Our asset management services carry our group seal: expertise, professionalism and team spirit.
This is the foundation on which we offer to uniquely manage your financial wealth.

Through our wealth management approach, we aim to grow your financial wealth over the long term for greater peace of mind.

Societe Generale Private Banking France delegates its discretionary portfolio management
range to its dedicated asset management subsidiary, SG 29 Haussmann.

Our areas of expertise

Bond Strategies

► Manage portfolio assets with selectivity and a focus on resilience

► Draw on the credit expertise and fixed income strategies of our investment teams

Structured Products and Derivatives strategies

► Add tailor-made structured products benefiting from Societe Generale Group’s longstanding expertise in the field

► Target resilience by using hedging techniques to offset market shocks

Equity Strategies

►  Draw on the expertise of European and international equities managers, boasting more than 20 years’ experience on the financial markets

►  In-depth fundamental analyses of each company, while also incorporating non-financial criteria

►  Aim for resilience in portfolio investment lines

Multi-asset class strategies

► Strategies rooted in our core values and historic know-how

► Diversification is our watchword. Enjoy the benefits of the dynamic management of our allocations

► Get the best of both worlds: active and passive (benchmarked) portfolio management

Our responsible engagement

Our SRI policy

At SG 29 Haussmann, we firmly believe that a solid corporate social responsibility policy is synonymous with sustainable long-term financial performance.

In our approach to wealth management, it is our fiduciary responsibility as an asset management company to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and factors in all our investment processes. In line with our philosophy of transferring wealth to future generations, we aim for greater sustainability and social responsibility in our investments, and enable our institutional and private banking clients to contribute to positive and necessary changes.

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) combines traditional financial criteria and non-financial aspects referred to as ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria. The goal is to finance companies and public-sector organisations that contribute to sustainable development, irrespective of their business sector. SRI promotes the transition to a more sustainable economy by influencing governance behaviours and management practices.

The philosophy behind our SRI engagement is based on an ESG approach integrating nonfinancial criteria, the calculation of the carbon footprint generated by our portfolios, and a voting and engagement policy.

ESG Criteria

Three pillars serve to assess the incorporation of sustainable development and long-term objectives in corporate strategies
E- Environnemental
S- Social
G- Governance
  • Energy efficiency

  • Climate change

  • Prevention of environmental risks

  • Security of facilities

  • Health and well-being

  • Socioeconomic impact

  • Employee rights

  • Diversity and equal opportunities

  • Shareholder rights

  • Transparency

  • Portfolio management structure



Three new SG 29 Haussmann funds obtained SRI certification in 2020.

We are signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

In 2020, over 30% of SG 29 Haussmann assets under management were SRI-certified.

Our portfolio management teams

Experts tasked with bespoke management of your assets

Our company specialises in wealth management
As an AMF-authorised asset manager, SG 29 Haussmann employs an investment process overseen by its Asset Allocation Committee, headed by its CIO. The purpose of the Committee, which relies on recommendations by specialist committees including our portfolio managers, is to establish an investment strategy to serve as a foundation for all portfolio management strategies.

Our wealth management thus stands out for its proficiency in optimising a portfolio’s performance over a medium/long-term horizon with controlled risk, and in accordance with the expectations of our private banking clients.

The skill of SG 29 Haussmann portfolio managers in generating renowned performances lies mainly in the quality of its investment process.

Drawing on the global financial market expertise of Societe Generale, SG 29 Haussmann portfolio managers set themselves apart with their independent investor culture and their in-depth knowledge of the companies in which they invest.

The growing complexity of the financial markets calls for a rigorous selection of assets in the interest of creating value over the long term.

Our experts

Guillaume de MARTEL
Guillaume de MARTEL
Executive Chairman, SG 29 Haussmann
Guillaume de MARTEL
Valéry N'KAKE
Valéry N'KAKE
Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Head of Fixed Income Strategies
Valéry N'KAKE
Deputy CIO, Head of the Funds of Funds Division
Head of Development and Portfolio Management Specialist
Head of the Equities Division
Head of Compliance and Internal Control (RCCI)
Head of the Derivatives Division
Guillaume de MARTEL
Guillaume de MARTEL
Executive Chairman, SG 29 Haussmann

Guillaume de Martel joined SG 29 Haussmann S.A.S. in September 2020. Prior becoming CEO of SG29H Deutschland, Guillaume helped established Lyxor Intermediation which he then headed from 2017 to 2019. Previously, he was an equity ETF portfolio manager at Lyxor Asset Management (2014 to 2017) and before that an equity derivatives trader within SG Markets then JP Morgan.

Guillaume is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique.

Valéry N'KAKE
Valéry N'KAKE
Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Head of Fixed Income Strategies

Valéry has been CIO of SG 29 Haussmann since 2016, in charge of defining the investment strategy. He has headed Fixed Income Strategies and managed the 29H Euro Rendement fund since 2011 and, to that end, oversees the orientation of bond investments in the portfolios. Valéry has performed discretionary asset management duties since 1994, first at Societe Generale, then BNP Paribas, followed by Tocqueville Finance, while also working as a financial consultant. He boasts more than 30 years’ experience in the asset management industry.

Valéry is an actuary by training and holds a degree in Financial Engineering.

Deputy CIO, Head of the Funds of Funds Division

Vincent has been a Senior Portfolio Manager at SG 29 Haussmann since October 2014. He is Deputy CIO and Head of the Funds of Funds Division, in charge of fund management. He previously held positions in asset allocation and financial investment decisions with private banking clients for more than 11 years at JP Morgan Private Bank. Before that, he was responsible for equity, bond and option order execution for private banking clients. Vincent boasts 15 years’ experience in the asset management industry.

He graduated from ESC Montpellier, holds a Master’s in International Finance and is registered as a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA).

Head of Development and Portfolio Management Specialist

Julian has been Head of Development at SG 29 Haussmann and a Portfolio Management Specialist since 2019. He joined SG 29 Haussmann in 2013 as a senior portfolio manager and head of model-based portfolio management. He previously worked as a discretionary portfolio mandate manager for retail clients, after working on risk management teams, particularly in asset management activities. Julien boasts 10 years’ experience in the asset management industry.

He graduated from Audencia Business School in Nantes and is registered as a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

Head of the Equities Division

Bruno joined SG 29 Haussmann in 2019. He started his career at Neuflize as an Economic Strategist in 1998 and became a UCITS manager in 2000 with investment manager AAAdvisors, a subsidiary of Neuflize. From 2010 onward, he headed up Equity, Diversified Assets and Absolute Return Strategies at the Paris asset management arm of ABN AMRO Group.

Bruno holds a MASS (Applied Mathematics and Social Sciences) degree from La Sorbonne and ENSAE, and is an actuary registered with the IAF (French Actuaries Institute).

Head of Compliance and Internal Control (RCCI)

Hugues has been RCCI of SG 29 Haussmann since 2013 and second executive manager of the asset management firm since 2018.

He previously held various central positions in Societe Generale’s Private Banking Department, and at Societe Generale Asset Management (SGAM) where he served as Head of trading entity SGAM Négociation, Deputy Head of Equity Strategies and Head of Resources and Organisation.

He boasts more than 30 years’ experience in the capital markets and asset management industry.
Areas of expertise: Hugues Bernamonti graduated from Université Paris IX Dauphine with a major in Finance, from the Conservatoire National des Arts & Métiers (CNAM), and also from Société Française des Analystes Financiers (SFAF).

Head of the Derivatives Division

Fouad joined SG 29 Haussmann in September 2020 as Head of the Derivatives Desk. Fouad has gained 20 years’ experience in derivatives and in particular structured products, as well as quantitative and algorithmic strategies. At Societe Generale Group, he was in turn head of the counterparty risk modelling team, and responsible for the valuation of the Equity and Hybrid Derivatives portfolio.

Fouad is in charge of the Derivative Product Valuation course in the Financial Engineering Master’s programme at Paris Diderot.

He graduated from Ecole Polytechnque and Ecole des Mines de Paris.