Our funds

A range of open architecture and 29 Haussmann signature funds


Funds available to all Societe Generale Group clients

A panel of 12 funds under delegated management, drawing on the best expertise in the financial centre


Funds built for client assets using the expertise of SG29H

A panel of 11 funds classified according to different approaches, six of which are SRI-certified

Open-architecture, responsible investment funds

An SRI approach

8 funds spanning all asset classes

Guaranteed transparency in terms of responsible investment. The “Label ISR” certification offers greater visibility to investors, while guaranteeing that the management of their portfolio is based on solid methodologies.

A pro-environment approach

Four funds focused on environmental and climate-related challenges 

Funds investing in companies implementing a strategy that makes an impact, centred on investment themes such as climate, water, renewable energy and the environment. These solutions play a key role in meeting environmental challenges and combating global warming.

29 Haussmann funds

Flexible diversified funds

Mixed funds investing in the international equity and bond markets.


Equity fund implementing a conviction stock picking strategy targeting a specific geographic area

 > 29 Haussmann Sélection France                     1        .
 > 29 Haussmann Sélection Europe                                                   1
 > 29 Haussmann Sélection Monde                       1


Range of flexible funds in market environments calling for adaptability and responsiveness

 > 29 Haussmann Flexible Multi-Stratégies 
 > 29 Haussmann Flexible Monde 
 > 29 Haussmann Flexible Structurés