The management objective of the FCP is, over the recommended investment period of more than 5 years, to outperform the ICE BofA Euro Government (EG00 Index) coupons reinvested, by gaining exposure to the following markets government bond markets. This management strategy is implemented on a discretionary basis within the fund. the UCITS.


Fixed Income
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ISIN codeAUMStarting dateNAVClass-Currency
FR001400N3U0414,352,568.78 As of 19/07/2024 2024/02/22 1,006.64 As of 19/07/2024


“A pure and responsible investment strategy in sovereign bonds”
  • Benchmarked management of government bonds denominated in euros
  • A flexible duration strategy following the guidelines of our global investment committee
  • A defensive positioning within the SG 29 Haussmann fund range
  • A responsible offer that is fully in line with SG 29 Haussmann’s ESG and commitment strategy including a minimum exposure of 30% to green bonds


There is insufficient data to provide investors with a useful indication of past performance


  • Risk of capital loss: the FCP offers no guarantees or protection, and the capital initially invested may not be returned.
  • Interest-rate risk: interest-rate risk corresponds to the risk associated with a rise in bond market interest rates, leading to a fall in bond prices and consequently in the net asset value of the fund.
  • Credit risk: this represents the potential risk of a downgrade in the issuer's credit rating, which will have a negative impact on the security's price and therefore on the UCITS' net asset value. This risk may be increased by investing in speculative securities.


Fund features
Placement duration 5 years
Domiciliation FRANCE
Legal type FCP
Accounting currency EUR
Management company SG 29 HAUSSMANN
Administrator SGSS FAS NAV - Paris
Fund passporting FRANCE
Benchmark From 2024/02/22 : ICE BofA Euro Government Index
Share class characteristics
ISIN code FR001400N3U0
Currency EUR
NAV 1,006.64 EUR
Maximum management fees 0.85%
Maximum performance fees
Minimum investment 1.00
Min subsequent subscription -
Data as of 19/07/2024



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Please refer to the fund's prospectus and key information document before making any final investment decision. We invite you to take particular note of the risks and costs associated with this fund, as well as the recommended investment period and information relating to the subscribers concerned. Please note that past performance is no guarantee of the fund's future performance. We draw your attention to the fact that capital is not guaranteed and that investors may lose all or part of the capital invested. Finally, we invite you to contact your investment advisor on a regular basis to determine whether the planned investment is compatible with your personal situation, profile and investment objectives.