The FCP's objective is to seek performance, through discretionary management, over a recommended minimum investment period of 5 years, by gaining exposure to French and foreign financial markets for equities, bonds and other debt securities, through direct investment in securities or via UCITS or FIAs.


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ISIN codeAUMStarting dateNAVClass-Currency
FR0007040373326,902,910.89 As of 19/07/2024 2000/01/14 1,953.09 As of 19/07/2024 C - EUR


“An investment strategy tailored to varying market conditions”
  • 29 Haussmann Equilibre is a flexible mixed fund investing in international equity and bond markets through direct shareholding or by purchasing units of other funds.
  • The fund's investment strategy is based on flexible allocation, putting it in a position to react fast to market opportunities while absorbing losses, backed by a rigorous selection of financial instruments. This flexibility is guided simultaneously by extensive macroeconomic analysis and the investment team's convictions.
  • The core portfolio consists of a bond bucket and an equity bucket. In addition, the portfolio management team may use diversification strategies to boost the fund's return and/or hedge the portfolio (structured products, convertible bonds, currencies, etc.).
  • Bond bucket: The fund is predominantly exposed to the European bond market. The strategy focuses on bonds offering an attractive risk/return ratio, while maintaining the bucket's diversity in terms of maturity, asset class, rating or sector distribution.
  • Equity bucket: The portfolio management team targets stocks subject to moderate volatility and offering high returns.


Data as of 19/07/2024

The performances below correspond to the Fund's Net Asset Value (dividends reinvested), in order to be consistent with the benchmark, which is expressed 'dividends reinvested'

(dividends reinvested)

The graph shows the evolution of the Fund's Net Asset Value (dividends reinvested) and its benchmark (dividends reinvested), on a 100 basis.

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The graph shows the evolution of the Fund units Net Asset Value (dividends reinvested).

Performance scenarios

Data as of 31/07/2023

Hypothetical 10000 EUR investment

Scenarios1 year5 years *
What you might get back after costs (EUR)€ 4,679.841€ 4,704.829
Average return each year (%)-53.2%-14%
What you might get back after costs (EUR)€ 8,452.921€ 8,263.573
Average return each year (%)-15.47%-3.74%
What you might get back after costs (EUR)€ 9,729.979€ 10,689.189
Average return each year (%)-2.7%1.34%
What you might get back after costs (EUR)€ 11,349.710€ 11,989.939
Average return each year (%)13.5%3.7%

*Recommanded holding period




Risk indicators1A3A5AInception
29 HAUSSMANN EQUILIBREVolatility4.59%6.63%8.15%8.51%
Sharpe ratio0.670.210.430.32
Sharpe ratio1.430.430.610.35
  • Risk of capital loss: as the FCP offers no guarantees or protection, the capital initially invested may not be returned.
  • Equity risk: fluctuations in equity prices may have a negative impact on the FCP's net asset value. In periods of falling equity markets, the net asset value may fall.
  • Interest-rate risk: interest-rate risk corresponds to the risk associated with a rise in bond market interest rates, leading to a fall in bond prices and consequently a decline in the FCP's net asset value.


Fund features
Placement duration 5 years
Domiciliation FRANCE
Legal type FIA
Accounting currency EUR
Management company SG 29 HAUSSMANN
Administrator SGSS FAS NAV - Paris
Fund passporting FRANCE
Benchmark From 2000/01/14 to 2006/06/15 : 20% IBOXX Euro France Sovereign 3-5 TR Ind, 40% MSCI World Net EUR Index et 40% MSCI EUROPE NR
From 2006/06/15 to 2015/05/11 : 50% IBOXX Euro France Sovereign 3-5 TR Ind, 25% MSCI World Net EUR Index et 25% MSCI EUROPE NR
From 2015/05/11 : 50% ICE BofA 3-5 Year Euro Governm, 25% MSCI World Net EUR Index et 25% MSCI EUROPE NR
Share class characteristics
ISIN code FR0007040373
Currency EUR
NAV 1,953.09 EUR
Maximum management fees 1.50%
Maximum performance fees
Minimum investment 1.00
Min subsequent subscription -
Data as of 19/07/2024



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Sustainability information – Article 10 (FR)


This page contains information of an advertising nature. It does not constitute a contractual commitment, investment advice or any other investment service, nor tax advice, and is not sufficient for making an investment decision. All information is provided for information purposes only and is subject to change without notice. SG 29 Haussmann cannot be held responsible for any consequences, particularly financial, resulting from transactions on financial instruments concluded on the basis of this information alone.

Please refer to the fund's prospectus and key information document before making any final investment decision. We invite you to take particular note of the risks and costs associated with this fund, as well as the recommended investment period and information relating to the subscribers concerned. Please note that past performance is no guarantee of the fund's future performance. We draw your attention to the fact that capital is not guaranteed and that investors may lose all or part of the capital invested. Finally, we invite you to contact your investment advisor on a regular basis to determine whether the planned investment is compatible with your personal situation, profile and investment objectives.