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ISIN codeAUMStarting dateNAVClass-Currency
LU274448857320,763,397.16 As of 18/06/2024 2024/04/18 96.65 As of 18/06/2024 I - EUR


The investment objective of the Fund is to outperform the Solactive Developed Markets Broad Health Care EUR Index NTR (SDMBHCEN) (the "Benchmark Index") over a long-term horizon by exploiting investment opportunities on the equity markets. The Benchmark Index is a broad liquid equity index (approximately 840 stocks) which intends to track the performance of Health Care companies from the Developed Markets within the Solactive Global Benchmark Series and the Solactive United States Benchmark Series. The Fund is actively managed, the equity exposure may significantly deviate from the components of the Benchmark Index. The fund is article 8 of SFDR. Within the Investment Universe, equities composing the Portfolio will be selected by the Investment Manager, according to their ESG scoring, based on a best-in-class approach. Equities of the Investment Universe will be ranked using proprietary ESG materiality weightings, and a combination of fundamental ESG scores and third-party ESG management assessments; the Investment Manager’s ESG research is used to determine ESG risk factor scores. The selection of equities composing the portfolio is achieved by excluding at least 20% of the stocks comprising the investment universe with the lowest rating. More than 90% of the equities composing the Portfolio do benefit from an ESG rating. The Portfolio will be rebalanced monthly respecting the methodology. However, the Management Company may decide to rebalance the Portfolio at any time at its discretion (the "Rebalancing Date"). The exposure of the Fund to equities through the Portfolio may vary between 0% and 150% on a weekly basis at least. As a result, the exposure may drift between such adjustments. The Fund distributes a fixed dividend of EUR 5 per fund unit per year, divided into 12 identical monthly payments.


There is insufficient data to provide investors with a useful indication of past performance


Fund features
Placement duration 5 years
Domiciliation LUXEMBOURG
Legal type SICAV
Accounting currency EUR
Management company SG 29 HAUSSMANN
Benchmark From 2024/04/18 : Solactive Developed Markets Broad Health Care EUR Index NTR
Share class characteristics
ISIN code LU2744488573
Currency EUR
NAV 96.65 EUR
Maximum management fees 0.93%
Maximum performance fees
Minimum investment 1,000.00
Min subsequent subscription None
Data as of 18/06/2024



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Sustainability information – Article 10 (EN)

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